Monday, March 28, 2011

Better than Before

I am feeling much better now.  I did have to go to the doctor and get some medicine, but all seems good.  Life is picking up very quickly.  Jonathan has had a few games of T-Ball under his belt and seems to be doing well.  We were able to have some good friends over on Friday and Saturday.  It is always nice to have people over so you can slow down and enjoy life.

Ever since I got sick, my diabetes seems to be a little higher than is usually is.  I am really not sure why, as I eat the same things and I don't over indulge in food.  Now of course when I say a little higher I really mean a little higher.  Like my morning sugar level is 120-140 instead of 110-120.  I am not too concerned right now.  Once I am through with the antibiotics and it does not do down, I will probably call my Endocrinologist and make sure all is well.

Until then.