Friday, March 4, 2011

Dad's dessert night 2011

So last night at Jonathan's school they had what is called Dad's dessert night. It started at 7:00 pm. There was a 45 minute or so discussion with some baseball coaches from Loganville High school. It was a question and answer session. That was good. Then after that we all got to go our child's classroom. Since it was a sport's themed night, we made a pennant banner with pictures and stickers, then had a snack with everyone's favorites. There were some M&Ms, pizza rolls, chips and cheese, cookies, brownies and all kinds of things. I did not, only because Misti was bringing home some Mexican from when she went with my family to celebrate my Aunt's 59 birthday.

Well, when everything was over we got to take home something that each child had answered about their Dad. Let's see what you think.

1. My Dad look like
He's tall and a skinny guy.
Now this came with a picture. I will see if I can't get it up later.

2. His favorite baseball team is
I don't know, but basketball is Duke

3. My Dad's favorite food is

4. My Dad likes to

5. He works at
Well, he just works

6. My Dad is __ years old
14, maybe

7. I love my Dad because
I just do

That will melt your heart.